importing mail boxes from 3rd party freeware

Plz help!
I have been using mail enable ( I have 
setup Exchange 2003 and want all my mail boxes, 
information store to be exported/imported to exchange 2003.
How can I do it?

plz its urgent I have to implement exchange for better 
spam control.
anonymous (74722)
8/27/2004 9:16:13 AM
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spam5100 (4)
8/27/2004 9:30:19 AM
Don't waste your time.  Exchange has horribly ineffective filtering
and spam control functions.  Your best bet will be Death2Spam  It is much more intuitive and a lot less costly
that some of the other programs like Norton or MacAfee.  Good luck and
let me know how it works out!
8/31/2004 2:12:18 AM

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