How to specify DSaccess in exchange server 2003 ?

Here we have 3 DC in the domain. I want to configurate my exchange 2003 to 
always access DC1, any body knows how to set it ? Thanks.
Enid (30)
9/8/2005 8:31:21 AM
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when you go to the properties of the Exchange Server in Exchange System 
Manager, you can access the Directory Access Tab.  You will see all servers 
listed there, you cannot uncheck the automatically discover.  But if you 
select next to Show the Configuration Domain Controller, or any other item 
in the list, you can manually set your preferred server.
But, be careful if you specify one specific DC, he won't fall back to 
another one if this one fails.


"Enid" <> wrote in message
> Here we have 3 DC in the domain. I want to configurate my exchange 2003 to
> always access DC1, any body knows how to set it ? Thanks. 

ilse (45)
9/8/2005 8:43:24 AM
The best way to do this is to put Exchange and DC1 in a their own Active 
Directory subnet and site.  Be forewarned that if you do this and DC1 fails, 
there will be a delay of 15 minutes where nobody can do anything until 
Exchange fails over to a DC in another site.  And it won't necessarily pick 
a DC in a well-connected site; it'll more or less randomly pick another DC.
Ed Crowley
MVP - Exchange
"Protecting the world from PSTs and brick backups!"

"Enid" <> wrote in message
> Here we have 3 DC in the domain. I want to configurate my exchange 2003 to
> always access DC1, any body knows how to set it ? Thanks. 

curspice6401 (3487)
9/8/2005 4:20:39 PM

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