How to a mailbox to a user

I have only one exchange server and i want to move a 
mailbox to a specific user as the user name has changed. 
Is it possible? 

A fast response would be appreciated

anonymous (74722)
8/15/2004 1:54:18 PM
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One way would be to just change the user's login to the new one, change
first/last name, display name....and change the SMTP address(es), change the
profile directory & home directory names, too. Create a new Outlook profile
for him/her so the old display name won't show up anywhere.

Shanthi wrote:
> I have only one exchange server and i want to move a
> mailbox to a specific user as the user name has changed.
> Is it possible?
> A fast response would be appreciated
> Shanthi

lanwench (7567)
8/15/2004 2:23:42 PM

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