How do I move an Exchange mailbox from one user to another?

I'm new to Exchange and my first task proved to be a bit more than I
could chew:

One of my users, lets call her Annie, has two NT accounts in my
domain: AnnieA and AnnieB. AnnieA has email address and AnnieB doesn't have email.

Now I want to remove account AnnieA and let AnnieB inherit AnnieA's
email address and mail box. How do I do this?

caos (2)
4/26/2004 8:01:15 AM
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What version of Exchange?
In 5.5 you can just go to the mailbox properties and 
change the user account associated with the mailbox.
In 2000 you use ADU&C to right click >exchange tasks 
>remove mail attributes from AnnieA and then go to 
Exchange System Manager to "reconnect" the orphaned mail 
attribute to AnnieB
If you have Deleted Mailbox Retention you can delete the 
AnnieA account which will have the same effect when you 
get into ESM.

>-----Original Message-----
>I'm new to Exchange and my first task proved to be a bit 
more than I
>could chew:
>One of my users, lets call her Annie, has two NT 
accounts in my
>domain: AnnieA and AnnieB. AnnieA has email address
> and AnnieB doesn't have email.
>Now I want to remove account AnnieA and let AnnieB 
inherit AnnieA's
>email address and mail box. How do I do this?
mark7219 (5666)
4/26/2004 10:00:02 AM
"Mark Arnold [MVP]" <> wrote:

>What version of Exchange?
>In 5.5 you can just go to the mailbox properties and 
>change the user account associated with the mailbox.
>In 2000 you use ADU&C to right click >exchange tasks 
>>remove mail attributes from AnnieA and then go to 
>Exchange System Manager to "reconnect" the orphaned mail 
>attribute to AnnieB
>If you have Deleted Mailbox Retention you can delete the 
>AnnieA account which will have the same effect when you 
>get into ESM.

make sure you have 'deleted mailbox retention' enabled before doing
either of those things. removing the exchange attributes is, for the
information store, the same as removing the account!

before you can reconnect the mailbox, you may have to run the 'cleanup
agent'. select the 'mailboxes' view, right-click, and select 'run
cleanup agent'. once the mailbox appears with a red 'x' you can
right-click the mailbox and select 'reconnect...'.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
richnews (7316)
4/26/2004 8:28:32 PM

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