Help with public folders

Im running windows 2003 with exchange 2003 and when i try 
to view the properties of a public folder i created i 
get "The operation failed because of an HTTP error 501 
(not implemented). ID no c1030af6. If i try to view system 
folders under the folder root i get a similar error: The 
operation failed because of an http error 501 (not 
implemented) verify that the exadmin virtual root exitsts 
on the destination server. Id no c1030af7.

I am recieveing an error from the client application, 
outlook 2003, specified object cannot be found while 
syncing up the public folders

Any help would be appreciated.
anonymous (74722)
4/27/2004 9:26:00 PM
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This is one you will want to contact product support services for assistance
with.  There may be a resolution, but it involves some steps with IIS that,
if done incorrectly, could force you to rebuild all of Exchange.
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newsgroup purposes only.
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"Nick" <> wrote in message
> Im running windows 2003 with exchange 2003 and when i try
> to view the properties of a public folder i created i
> get "The operation failed because of an HTTP error 501
> (not implemented). ID no c1030af6. If i try to view system
> folders under the folder root i get a similar error: The
> operation failed because of an http error 501 (not
> implemented) verify that the exadmin virtual root exitsts
> on the destination server. Id no c1030af7.
> I am recieveing an error from the client application,
> outlook 2003, specified object cannot be found while
> syncing up the public folders
> Any help would be appreciated.

amyma (68)
4/28/2004 11:42:06 AM

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