Help! Unable to mount public folder store event 9519


I am getting the following error when tring to mount the public folder store.

Event Type:	Error
Event Source:	MSExchangeIS
Event Category:	General 
Event ID:	9519
Date:		11/01/2006
Time:		00:10:26
User:		N/A
Computer:	SERVER
Error 0x8004010f starting database "First Storage 
Group\f7967383-856a-4b7f-9023-37c269a0e908" on the Microsoft Exchange 
Information Store. 
Look up of DB Info failed. 

For more information, click 

I have tried numerous ms kb articles to no avail.

I did find this on a news group :-
1) In ADSI edit go to: Configuration Container -> Configuration -> Services 
Microsoft Exchange -> Org name -> Administrative Groups -> 
                                  First Administrative Group -> Servers -> 
name -> Information Store -> First Storage Group 
2) On the right pane, go to the properties of the "public folder store". 
3) Select the property to view: "msExchOwningPFTree" 
4) If the value is not set, then we need to set a new value. 
5) In ADSI edit go to: Configuration Container -> Configuration -> Services 
Microsoft Exchange -> Org name -> Administrative Groups -> 
                                  First Administrative Group -> Folder 
6) On the right pane, go to the properties of "public folders" and select a 
property to view as: Distinguished Name. 
7) Copy this value and paste it as the value for "msExchOwningPFTree" in 
and click set value. 
But when I try to look at the property of the "public folders" in "Folder 
Hierarchies" I get this error "the specified directory service attribute or 
value does not exist"

The server is running SBS 2000 - Windows SP4 - Exchange SP3

Many Thanks in advance

Julian325 (40)
1/11/2006 12:59:02 AM
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