Help, I want my 3GB back

I am getting the following report from the SA:

The Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager has completed processing mailboxes

Started at: 2004-07-01 10:20:00

Stopped at: 2004-07-01 10:23:32

Mailboxes processed:    51

Messages that would be moved or deleted:  1392

Size of messages that would be moved or deleted:      3869.47 MB

My problem is how do I get back that 3.8 GB, it say messages that ‘would' be moved or deleted, what if I want to actually move and delete them?  Sorry for the newbie question.   I have set a policy for 7 day deleted item retention and have backed up the store.


Thanks in Advance


kqueen (14)
7/1/2004 4:03:05 PM
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Open the properties for your Recipient Policy and change the Mailbox Manager 
settings to delete or move the messages instead of just reporting.

Mark Fugatt
Exchange MVP
"Kevin Queen" <> wrote in message 
> I am getting the following report from the SA:
> The Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox Manager has completed processing 
> mailboxes
> Started at: 2004-07-01 10:20:00
> Stopped at: 2004-07-01 10:23:32
> Mailboxes processed:    51
> Messages that would be moved or deleted:  1392
> Size of messages that would be moved or deleted:      3869.47 MB
> My problem is how do I get back that 3.8 GB, it say messages that 
> &lsquo;would' be moved or deleted, what if I want to actually move and 
> delete them?  Sorry for the newbie question.   I have set a policy for 7 
> day deleted item retention and have backed up the store.
> Thanks in Advance
> Kevin

7/1/2004 4:06:51 PM

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