I'm running Exchange 2003 SP1 with the latest post SP1 
patch applied. Client is Outlook XP. Windows 2003 native 

In one site (which has recently been migrated from NT4 and 
Exchange 5.5) I have the following problem but only for 
some users:
When they logon to their mailbox through OWA, they can 
read, send mail correctly, add contacts, tasks etc... but 
when they go to their calendar they are unable to create 
new appointments and the "new" button is not available. 
They can see the appointments in the calender but are 
unable to create new ones.

Here's what I tried:
I logged on with a user account that is experiencing 
problems onto a machine of a user that is not having 
problems, tried to access the MBX but it still has the 
same problem.
I logged on with a user account that is not having 
problems onto a machine of a user that is having problems, 
accessed the MBX and it still works.
I've delete the mailbox of a user having problems (was 
only a test account), recreated a new mailbox but still 
having the same problems.
Compared the security off the user objects of non-working 
and working but they are the same. Also checked the 
mailbox rights under tab Exchange Advanced but they are 
the same.

Any thoughts?? Thanks!

anonymous (74722)
10/3/2004 12:30:43 PM
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