Front End Exchange 2003 OWA for a Back end 2000

Hey everybody,

At the minute we're in the process of upgrading our 30 odd servers to
Windows Server 2003.
The Domain Controllers are still running Windows 2000.
My question is :
Can I install an Exchange 2003 OWA on a Windows Server 2003 to connect to an
Exchange 2000 Server in a Windows 2000 Domain (Native Mode)

Do I have to upgrade the whole domain first ?

What about notions of Front End / Back End ?

We would like to do this to benefit from the new OWA (As it's sooooo cool

Thanks for your replies,


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2/24/2004 10:25:21 AM
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You can use an E2K3 FE to connecto to an E2K BE, but you 
only get OWA 2K.
They say to upgrade the FEs first, but I'd suggest you 
install new FEs with E2K3 and then decomission your old 
FEs. This is purely financial since you needed E2K 
Enterprise for an FE but only need E2K3 Standard for an 
FE. You'd be wasting licence cash by upgrading. You can 
then use your E2K Enterprise licence to use somewhere 
else (either as-is or by a cheaper upgrade to E2K3 Ent)

>-----Original Message-----
>Hey everybody,
>At the minute we're in the process of upgrading our 30 
odd servers to
>Windows Server 2003.
>The Domain Controllers are still running Windows 2000.
>My question is :
>Can I install an Exchange 2003 OWA on a Windows Server 
2003 to connect to an
>Exchange 2000 Server in a Windows 2000 Domain (Native 
>Do I have to upgrade the whole domain first ?
>What about notions of Front End / Back End ?
>We would like to do this to benefit from the new OWA (As 
it's sooooo cool
>Thanks for your replies,
mark7219 (5666)
2/24/2004 10:53:29 AM

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