force clients to Cache Mode with E2K3 SP2

Where is the setting to force Outlook 2003 Clients to Cache Mode in Exchange 
2003 Sp2?


haigo (15)
10/19/2005 10:03:43 PM
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On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:03:43 GMT, "BigHaig" <> wrote:

>Where is the setting to force Outlook 2003 Clients to Cache Mode in Exchange 
>2003 Sp2?

It doesnt force them, it prevents logon unless the clients are in
cache mode.

Check the release notes for more info.
adavid (8731)
10/19/2005 10:36:23 PM

"Andy David - Exchange MVP" wrote:

> On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:03:43 GMT, "BigHaig" <> wrote:
> >Where is the setting to force Outlook 2003 Clients to Cache Mode in Exchange 
> >2003 Sp2?
> >
> >Thanks 
> >
> It doesnt force them, it prevents logon unless the clients are in
> cache mode.
> Check the release notes for more info.
10. Extend server consolidation with optimized cached mode.
Administrators now have the ability to FORCE clients into cached mode to 
help increase the number of active users per server...

Twisting the words again...
I don't know about you, but in our organization this has no use 'cause all 
profile configuration is typically done automaticly (default profile), not 
manually by users.

kopikari (4)
10/20/2005 6:17:03 AM

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