Fails to connect to server <OWA-servername>

Exchange 5.5 environment with OWA.

Recently we have received lot of calls relating to "Fails to connect to 
server <OWA-servername>" .  Called Microsoft PSS and removed Outlook 2000 
from the Exchange server to eliminate conflicting cdo.dll .  Also re-applied 
SP4 and the following hotfixes 818709,836862,842436a.

The frequency of "Fails to connect to server" seem to have decreased however 
still do happen.

Itrcb4 (27)
11/26/2004 10:03:02 PM
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Do you have another server you can point the OWA server at?
regedt32 on the OWA server:

On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 14:03:02 -0800, Itrcb4
<> wrote:

>Exchange 5.5 environment with OWA.
>Recently we have received lot of calls relating to "Fails to connect to 
>server <OWA-servername>" .  Called Microsoft PSS and removed Outlook 2000 
>from the Exchange server to eliminate conflicting cdo.dll .  Also re-applied 
>SP4 and the following hotfixes 818709,836862,842436a.
>The frequency of "Fails to connect to server" seem to have decreased however 
>still do happen.

adavid (8731)
11/27/2004 4:16:20 PM

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