External users in same domain

I have a unique situation.  I have a domain (use xyz.com for example). I have 
Exchange server setup but not utilizing it in the usual way.  Using SMTP to 
send mail but a POP connector to retrieve mail from mailboxes at the domain 
host (external ISP hosting xyz.com)  I have to do this because I have users 
in different geographical locations and they receive their mail thru Outlook 
by connecting to the external POP accounts at the ISP hosting xyz.com.  These 
external users do not usually connect to my Exchange Server, but they are in 
the same domain xyz.com.

From within my Exchange organization, I cannot send mail to the external 
users. I recieve two different Exhange errors.  Without an exchange account 
for the external user I get: "The e-mail account does not exist a the 
organization this message was sent to.  Check the e-mail address, or contact 
the recipient directly to find out the correct address."

I attempted to create these external users as mail-enabled users or 
mail-enabled contacts, in both cases specifying their address which would be 
in form of <user>@xyz.com (I am using valid email addresses - point being 
they are in same domain and their mailboxes actually exist at the externally 
hosted domain).  Doing this results in the following message when I attempt 
send mail from within the exchange organization: "A configuration error in 
the e-mail system caused the message to bounce between two servers or to be 
forwarded between two recipients"

I kind of understand what Exchange is complaining about.  Is there a way to 
have exchange route the mail to the Internet for the external users? 

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

lthibx (2)
3/29/2006 11:20:02 PM
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