Exchange services would not start


Recently i installed new exchange 2007 server and transfered mailboxes from 
exchange 2003. All was working perfectly untill i installed Avast antivirus 
without exchange plugin. Once i installed Antivirus and rebooted the server, 
all the exchange services would not start. Now i have even uninstalled the 
antivirus, still same issue. I can manually start the service everytime, even 
when the avast was installed. Any help will apperciated.


Rohan (7)
4/5/2007 9:06:02 AM
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Any events logged in the application log during a restart?


"Rohan" <> wrote in message
> Guys
> Recently i installed new exchange 2007 server and transfered mailboxes 
> from
> exchange 2003. All was working perfectly untill i installed Avast 
> antivirus
> without exchange plugin. Once i installed Antivirus and rebooted the 
> server,
> all the exchange services would not start. Now i have even uninstalled the
> antivirus, still same issue. I can manually start the service everytime, 
> even
> when the avast was installed. Any help will apperciated.
> Regards
> Preet 

4/5/2007 12:16:57 PM

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