Exchange server no longer on domain

I got a phone call at 2am saying our Exchange server had failed.

Tests showed that SMTP mail still flowed through it.  OWA still worked, RPC 
over HTTP still worked.  However IMAP did not work.  Users were presented 
with their password prompt over and over.

Event viewer on the Exchange server shows failure audits, event 680, error 
code 0xC0000064 which shows Account does not exist!  Then we discovered that 
the time on the server was out by 12 hours, wrong time zone set (going to 
look into how THAT happened, but that's a different story) set it back.

Anyway, it seemed to me, that the machine account password had failed (was 
out of synch and Exchange and AD didn't agree on account info), so I thought 
I'd try to use netdom to reset the password 
(, but got the error, the domain 
controller could not be contacted or server not on the domain.

Rebooted.  Could not log on!  "Windows cannot connect to the domain, either 
because the domain controller is down or otherwise unavailable, or because 
your computer account was not found...."  Had no option but to log on to the 
local machine instead of the domian.  IS would not start, phone started 
ringing hot!  Started to sweat.  Figured I had no option but to take the 
server off the domian, so made it a member of a workgroup, rebooted.  On 
ADUC, reset the machine account.  On reboot, rejoined the domain, rebooted, 
Exchange strated and mail started flowing again.  OWA OK, RPC over HTTP OK.

Now IMAP still won't work, and still lots of errors in the event log.

Any ideas?  What went wrong?  Was there a better way to fix it than what I 

neal7833 (68)
12/4/2006 8:02:55 PM
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Neal wrote:
> Now IMAP still won't work, and still lots of errors in the event log.
Post full unedited information from those events.
Have you tried something like ?

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Thank you very much! 
kpalagin (1838)
12/4/2006 8:43:37 PM

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