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Is there any way to write a rule on the Exchange Server applied to ALL 

I want to write a rule like this:

If sender address domain IS NOT AND destination_address is THEN DELETE message

I have Googled . but I cannot find anything about ..

me7986 (249)
8/7/2006 8:20:31 AM
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Is an internal distribution group?
Stating your Exchange version when you post such questions helps!

You can simply use Recipient Filtering to drop messages for that recipient.
Also for distribution groups that shouldn't accept mail from 
internet/unauthenticated senders, you can modify the group to accept mail 
from authenticated senders only.
Bharat Suneja
MVP - Exchange
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"Cesare G. Rossi" <Me@Privacy.Net> wrote in message
> Hi!
> Is there any way to write a rule on the Exchange Server applied to ALL
> mailboxes?
> I want to write a rule like this:
> If sender address domain IS NOT AND destination_address is
> THEN DELETE message
> I have Googled . but I cannot find anything about ..
> TAL! 

bharatsuneja1 (3146)
8/7/2006 2:40:21 PM

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