Exchange replication

I run three exchange servers for the Marine Corps and we 
are having three problems that seem to be related.  The  
three exchange servers (Exchange 5.5, Windows NT 4.0) 
handle just over 3500 users.  Due to various problems, 
I've had to rebuild these servers over the past six months 
a few times.  Every time we renamed the server the same 
name we encountered more problems, so we created a new 
name and put the server online.  Everything seems to be 
working fine now except for a few small things that we 
can't fix.  We had distribution lists set up on the 
servers that were working fine, now after the last 
rebuilding and renaming of one of the servers, email only 
gets to some of the people on the list, this is after 
deleting and recreating the lists and their accounts.  A 
second problem is the information store for one of the 
servers is not up to date.  There are only 500 mailboxes 
on this server and the IS is almost 25GB.  When I look at 
the mailbox resources on the IS, there are mailboxes there 
that aren't in the database, ones that used to be on that 
server, but have moved to another server.  I tried running 
the consistency adjuster with the option to remove unknown 
user accounts and that doesn't work. And the third problem 
is a user shares out his calendar and users who had access 
to it before his mailbox was moved to another server 
cannot view the calendar, even after removing the 
permissions and then adding them again.  Users who never 
had access to it can view it just fine after being given 
permissions.  It just seems that everything is getting 
hung up on an old location.  Is there a way to force your 
database and IS to constantly check that they match, I 
thought that it was supposed to do this automatically?
6/16/2004 4:01:32 PM
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Hi, We have an Exchange 2003 Server I have added a new Exchange Server & moved all my mail boxes to it I have also moved all of the other services to it. I have uninstalled Exchange 2003 Server from the original server, Ran DCPROMO and remover the server from the AD. My Question is can I now rename my new Server back to the name that my origanal server had? Many Thanks Jack... Nope. If you do, the services won't start. Does it matter that much? The client Outlook profiles will have already automatically updated to reflect the new server name, so you shouldn't have any...

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