Exchange Calendar Update Tool Question

When running the exchange data update tool, do participants of updated 
calendar items have to manually accept each updated meeting again or is there 
a way to bypass this like with using just the Outlook tool?
I thought the Exchange update tool is supposed to just be a way to run the 
Outlook tool in a batch form from the server.  The Outlook tool is supposed 
to give you the option to update attendees or not, but I haven't seen this 
mentioned in documentation for the Exchange.

3/7/2007 2:12:03 PM
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- The Exchange Calendar Update Tool calls the Outlook Calendar Update Tool 
TzMove.exe (or as MS calls it, "Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft 
Office Outlook").
- The tool modifies those appointments/meetings in a user's mailbox 
organized by the user. All attendees are sent updates, just as you normally 
would if you modified a meeting.

Bharat Suneja
MVP - Exchange
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"Jonathan Douglas" <> wrote in 
> When running the exchange data update tool, do participants of updated
> calendar items have to manually accept each updated meeting again or is 
> there
> a way to bypass this like with using just the Outlook tool?
> I thought the Exchange update tool is supposed to just be a way to run the
> Outlook tool in a batch form from the server.  The Outlook tool is 
> supposed
> to give you the option to update attendees or not, but I haven't seen this
> mentioned in documentation for the Exchange.

bharat3597 (1006)
3/7/2007 3:09:36 PM

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