exchange 5.5/2003 with mixed mode 2003 domain public folders


I have recently completed some work for a potential customer, I am
recommending that they in place upgrade their existing NT 4 domain to 2003
based on various reasons that I do not want to go into here.

However, they also want their single exchange 5.5 org in the same domain to
be migrated at the same time. This will be a mixed mode 5.5 to 2003
migration. At this stage the domain will be in mixed mode and will not
support universal security groups. The customer uses public folders quitre
heavily, I do not know the exact amount, but the user base is 2500 approx.
They use distribution lists to secure public folders. Therefore I am faced
with the problem that the universal distribution groups will not be
converted to security groups in active directory (because it is mixed), and
public folder permission will be invalid.

I know about the technet article on this (or at least one of them). To get
around this in smaller in place migrations I have performed, the permissions
have been changed to individual users before the 5.5/2003 mixed mode

Does anyone know of an alternative/quicker (scripting etc..) way, based upon
the fact that the domain will have to be mixed mode in this instance?



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2/2/2005 6:28:06 PM
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