Exchange 2003 with KVS Enterprise Vault 6 SP2


This is my first posting on this site - I find it an invaluable source
of information, I am responsible for the Exchange enviornment in our
Organisiation which is local goverment.

We have two Exchange 2003 servers with the mailstores spread evenly
over the two servers, we have one front end server hosting OWA 2003
and one server hosting KVS EV6 SP2, we have about 1800 live users at
any one time.

The hardware seems to cope no probles with the loading, the problem we
are having is that the vault is growing at an alarming rate, approx
1GB per night, we have no reprting tools to see what is happening in
KVS other than the simple SQL scripts given to us by Symantec.

We have had this running for around 12-15 months now and our vault
partition is already approaching 1TB in size.

Does anyone know of any reporting tools available for KVS and Exhange
combined - bearing in mind that we will soon be looking at upgrading
to Exchange
2007 if it is thought beneficial.

We currently are saving all emails with a retention period of forever
- so the vault is bound to grow - we are trying to get all departments
to agree to a deletion policy but being local goverment - things
happen very slowly.

We have got around our backup problems by splitting the vault up
active partitions, (we use Netbackup)

Any help would be appreaciated - have many users experienced the same

4/30/2007 2:32:59 PM
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