Exchange 2003 transaction logs grow when opening ADO recordset

Hi all,

I have an application performing an ADO select on a Exchange 2003
folder. Now this select causes the Exchange transaction log files to
grow by approx. 2 MB. This does not happen if I run the application
against a Exchange 2000 server. For additional informations please see
my posting

Now my questions is whether this could rather be a Exchange (2003)
configuration issues rather than a Exchange 2003 inherent problem. Is
there any switch (which is set per default when doing a "default"
installation of Exchange 2003) that I can turn off to prevent the log
files from growing (at least when only read operations are performed)?

Thank you very much for your input,
muchinger (1)
6/21/2004 12:21:35 PM
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I read the documentation in:

But when I execute the example InstallMessage.vbs I have a error. The error 
is in the follow line:

oDest.DataSource.SaveTo sFolder

The folders have Everibody full access permissions.
PLease, what can I do?



(sorry my english)

loretito (1)
8/16/2004 3:45:10 PM

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