Exchange 2003 SBS Attachment filtering in admin


I have set up SBS 2003 / Exchange on our server some time ago.  I have been 
trying to find the location to add an additional attachment to the exclude 
list on incoming mail.  (Attachment filtering).  I have looked for some time 
and cannot find the UI to do this in the system manager.

Could someone point this location out to me?


nobody (271)
7/22/2006 4:22:24 AM
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"D S" <> wrote in message 
> Folks:
> I have set up SBS 2003 / Exchange on our server some time ago.  I have 
> been trying to find the location to add an additional attachment to the 
> exclude list on incoming mail.  (Attachment filtering).  I have looked for 
> some time and cannot find the UI to do this in the system manager.
> Could someone point this location out to me?

I was also wondering how to do this and found it. See below. I think MS 
should put this somewhere in the message filter settings...

On SBS 2003 Server, the user has the option to specify various file
attachment extensions that will be blocked by running CEICW. The list of
blocked attachments will be maintained in an XML file named
SecAttsConfig.xml, and stored in the SBS  networking directory.

How do we manually allow the attachments which we know are safe go through
the SBS Server? Please perform the below steps:

1.  Open Start, click Run, type %sbsprogramdir%\Networking in the Open box,
and then press ENTER.

2.  In the dialog box, find the SecAttsConfig.xml file, right-click the
file and select Edit.

3.  If you would like to enable the "Save removed e-mail attachments in a
folder" option and specify a folder to save these attachments. Find the
<SaveToFile Enabled="False" Location="" /> sentence, change it to
<SaveToFile Enabled="True" Location="Destination path" />.
For example, we can type c:\attachments at the Destination path.

4.  If you would like to block the .mdb attachment, find the <Attachment
Enabled="True"  Extension="mdb" Description="Microsoft Access program" />
sentence, change it to <Attachment Enabled="False" Extension="mdb"
Description="Microsoft Access program" />.

5.  Click File in the menu, and then click Save to save the change to the
SecAttsConfig.xml file.

gerritjan (49)
7/22/2006 1:24:37 PM

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