Exchange 2003 Question #3

Dear all,

I have upgraded from Exchange 5.5 and notice that I miss the feature where I 
can clean/delete mail based on certain criteria from users mailbox via the 
System Manager.  Is this feature still available in Exchange 2003, If so, 
where is it?  Thanks.


kka (63)
10/26/2004 11:28:37 AM
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You can use ExMerge to remove emails based on certain criteria (ie. 
attachment name, subject, etc).

"KA Kueh" wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have upgraded from Exchange 5.5 and notice that I miss the feature where I 
> can clean/delete mail based on certain criteria from users mailbox via the 
> System Manager.  Is this feature still available in Exchange 2003, If so, 
> where is it?  Thanks.
> Regards,
> Kueh. 
S1 (162)
10/26/2004 3:57:03 PM

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