Exchange 2003 #20

I'm using Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 on a W2k Server to backup Exchange 2003. I
am unable to get a backup of our Public folders and  and mailboxes.

When the Public Folders get backed-up it tells me that there are 67 corrupt
files. It then backs-up the mailboxes and tells me that 10,751 files were
skipped and 1 file was corrupt.
All other backups ok fine and are successful.

How can I get a backups of our mailboxes and public folders? It this an
issue with Veritas backup exec or  Exchange?

This has only occured since I migrated from exchange 2000 to 2003


6/24/2004 1:32:23 AM
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Did you install all Veritas patches, fixes, etc?  If not, 
you should visit their website.

Best of luck!
>-----Original Message-----
>I'm using Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 on a W2k Server to 
backup Exchange 2003. I
>am unable to get a backup of our Public folders and  and 
>When the Public Folders get backed-up it tells me that 
there are 67 corrupt
>files. It then backs-up the mailboxes and tells me that 
10,751 files were
>skipped and 1 file was corrupt.
>All other backups ok fine and are successful.
>How can I get a backups of our mailboxes and public 
folders? It this an
>issue with Veritas backup exec or  Exchange?
>This has only occured since I migrated from exchange 
2000 to 2003
anonymous (74722)
6/24/2004 2:15:44 AM

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