Ex5.5 to Ex2003 intra org migration

I have migrated from E5.5 to E2003 intra-Org migration and chose the option 
SID migration via ADMT during  migration .
I 've notice that both source domain and target domain accounts have been 
added to mailbox and public folder resources which doesn't appear to be a 
problem at the moment. However in the near future when I do decide to remove 
the source domain would I be left with "zombie"  source domain accounts???
 In addition, granted that I chose to migrate SID history what will be the 
result when the source Doman is remove. Will there be any performance impact 


Darren8878 (11)
3/20/2007 9:25:54 AM
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2 seperate things I things.

When you do a SID migration the new AD account has its own sid plus the old 
sid. This is visible under the sidhistory attribute of the account. This is 
used by the system for a number of things within Exchange like outlook 
permissions etc. When you decommission the old domain nothing will break 
because the new account has the old sid.

However under the mailbox rights you will see 2 entries for the same 
account. One will be the new account and one will be the old source domain 
account. This allows people who log onto the old domain to access the 
mailbox. When they migrate to the new domain that second isn't required 
anymore. Note however, that because the new account has the sid of the old 
account you may find it difficult using the gui to determine which of the 
accounts can be deleted. It may be easier to delete them both and use the 
SELF account.

We decommissioned our source domain and the mailbox rights still list 2 
accounts (the same account due to sid migration) and everything is still 
working fine.
JohnDoe1 (30)
3/21/2007 2:25:13 AM

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