Ex 2003 IS backup, using NTBackup 5.0

On Win2K SP4, I've upgraded from Ex 2000 ==> Ex 2003.  I use NTBackup
to back up the IS.  The NTBackup is version 5.0.  Backup proceeds
normally; on differentials I can see NTBackup counting log files, etc.

However, I tested a restore, and when I catalogued the *.bkf file,
NTBackup says "No files were found".  So I have an error-free backup,
from which (apparently) I cannot restore.

Is the Ex 2000 ==> Ex 2003 upgrade supposed to upgrade NTBackup as
well, to a version that can handle restoring Ex 2003 IS?  Does anyone
have an insight into why NTBackup doesn't want to restore my IS?


-- Bill

w.white (3)
8/11/2005 11:43:46 PM
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What happens if you doubleclick BKF file in Windows Exlorer?

Hope this helps a bit

Regards Matjaz

<w.white@snet.net> wrote in message 
> On Win2K SP4, I've upgraded from Ex 2000 ==> Ex 2003.  I use NTBackup
> to back up the IS.  The NTBackup is version 5.0.  Backup proceeds
> normally; on differentials I can see NTBackup counting log files, etc.
> However, I tested a restore, and when I catalogued the *.bkf file,
> NTBackup says "No files were found".  So I have an error-free backup,
> from which (apparently) I cannot restore.
> Is the Ex 2000 ==> Ex 2003 upgrade supposed to upgrade NTBackup as
> well, to a version that can handle restoring Ex 2003 IS?  Does anyone
> have an insight into why NTBackup doesn't want to restore my IS?
> -- Bill

gonza1 (16)
8/12/2005 11:17:46 AM
NTBackup opens, and when I go to the Restore tab and navigate to the
media containing the IS *.bkf file, NTBackup says "No entries found".

A manual catalog of the *.bkf yields the same result - "No entries

-- Bill

w.white (3)
8/12/2005 1:13:13 PM

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