Errors with Distribution Group Wizard and link to Public Folder Ar

I'm having a problem with setting up a Distribution Group with the Public 
Folder.  My objective is to create a number of Distribution Groups that will 
archive the e-mail to them to a public folder.  The DG and PF are both being 
created, but the link between the two is not.  My objective is to use the PF 
as the store where a team will go to view general e-mail addresses that are 
being sent (, for example).

I am using the Add Distribution Group Wizard (ADGW, Server 
Management\Standard Management\Distribution Groups\Add a Distribution Group) 
to add the DG.  I am having no problems with setting up the DG Information, 
Group Membership, or Group Manager pages.  When I come to the Group Options 
page, I am leaving both 'Create a public folder to archive e-mail messages 
sent to this group' and 'Enable this group to receive e-mail messages from 
users outside of your network' check. I get the confirmation screen and 
everything looks right.  When the wizard goes into creation, the progress bar 
runs all the way to the end rapidly and then, after a loooong wait, I get the 

'The wizard could not successfully configure this group.  The following 
could not be completed: - The Exchange public folder could not be created.  
Do you want to keep this group?'

If I answer yes, the both the DG >>and the Public Folder<< (despite the 
error message) get created, and the DG works fine (i.e. User members receive 
e-mails posted to that DG), but the PF does not receive a copy of the 
message.  It appears that the creation of the link between the two is what 

We are running SBS 2003 with Exchange 2003 running in Native mode.  I know 
that the above function worked on setup, as the default Distribution group 
based on the <companyname> that is created during install exists and posts 
successfully to the associated Public Folder.  When I look at the properties 
for this DG, the PF reference is listed as a member, but when I go to add my 
other PFs to their associated DG, I do not get a Microsoft Exchange System 
Objects component listed under the AD (which what is listed for my 
<companyname> DG member.

I believe that the problems boils down to the following: the MS Exchange 
System Objects are either not listed with the AD, or I don't know where to 
find them.  I have both browsed and searched the AD trying to locate this 
entry with no success.  Is there anyone that has faced and resolved this 
issue that can point me in the right direction?



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12/14/2005 6:05:45 PM
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