Error Generating the Offlice Address Book

I have a mixed site with 3 5.5 server and 4 2003 servers.  I installed
2003 SP1 a few weeks back and since then I'm having an issue
generating my Offline Address Book.

Here the event log messages I'm getting.

Event ID 9331:

OALGen encountered error 80040107 (internal ID 501023d) accessing the
public folder store while generating the offline address list for
address list '/'.
- Default Offline Address List
For more information, click

Event ID 9335:

OALGen encountered error 80040107 while cleaning the offline address
list public folders under /o=XXXX/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default
Offline Address List.  Please make sure the public folder store is
mounted and replicas exist of the offline address list folders.  No
offline address lists have been generated.  Please check the event log
for more information.
- Default Offline Address List
For more information, click

I found a queue article related to these event messages stating
something to the effect that my 2003 server needs to have access to my
5.5 server to generate the OAB.  I added the permission but I still
get these errors.

I've also checked to make sure that there is a valid replica of the
OAB folder, and there is.

Anyone know how to fix this?


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8/4/2004 1:25:25 PM
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