Domain name not always needed to log into OWA?

This is something I've wondered about for a while.

Why is it that only some of our new Exchange Server installs insist on
the OWA login <up to 13 chars. of domain name>\<user name> while
others have no trouble with only <user name>?

julie5697 (25)
11/7/2004 1:21:08 AM
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"Julie" <> wrote:

>This is something I've wondered about for a while.
>Why is it that only some of our new Exchange Server installs insist on
>the OWA login <up to 13 chars. of domain name>\<user name> while
>others have no trouble with only <user name>?

Probably because the ones that don't require a domain name have the
default domain set on the Virtual Directory.

Rich Matheisen
MCSE+I, Exchange MVP
MS Exchange FAQ at
richnews (7316)
11/7/2004 2:24:18 AM

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