Disclaimers and Exchange 2003

Is there a way to add a disclaimer message to the bottom 
of all outgoing emails.  Im using Exchange 2003.  

I know there are 3rd party tools, but you'd think it 
would be a feature built into EX2003.

My clients use Outlook XP to send/receive emails.  I 
suppose I could make it part of their signatures, but a 
user could delete or modify this setting.  
anonymous (74722)
12/12/2003 7:30:22 PM
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Download the trial version of GFI Mail Essentials which 
allows one disclaimer while unregistered, and continues to 
work when the trail period is over.


P.S.  If they're fed-up with SPAM this product will make 
them happy again.  I use it to filter SPAM to one central 
mailbox, called SPAM which collects over 20,000 messages a 
month on a 75 Mailbox server.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

>-----Original Message-----
>Is there a way to add a disclaimer message to the bottom 
>of all outgoing emails.  Im using Exchange 2003.  
>I know there are 3rd party tools, but you'd think it 
>would be a feature built into EX2003.
>My clients use Outlook XP to send/receive emails.  I 
>suppose I could make it part of their signatures, but a 
>user could delete or modify this setting.  
anonymous (74722)
12/13/2003 3:40:08 AM

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