Daylight Savings Time Changes


Does anyone know if the patch for Exchnage 2003 identified in KB926666 has 
to also be applied to every server that is running the Exchange Tools (System 

Thanks in advance 
Kerry1 (30)
1/31/2007 6:24:03 PM
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On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 10:24:03 -0800, Kerry
<> wrote:

>Does anyone know if the patch for Exchnage 2003 identified in KB926666 has 
>to also be applied to every server that is running the Exchange Tools (System 
>Thanks in advance 

Im all for consistency. If the patch isnt needed, it shouldnt install,
so I would at least try it :) 

adavid (8731)
1/31/2007 6:27:30 PM

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