data lost after Exmerge


  I used exmerge (last Version ) to copy my user's data to 
my new Exchange 2003 server (previous was Exc2k).  The 
entire process runs satisfactory, exept for the junk mail 
data, all maiboxes data were copied  but I think this 
should be normal for obvious reasons.

The problem is that in one users I can see everything but 
the mailbox data.  All messages inside the inbox folder 
dissapeared but the data on the subfoldeers remained 

Is there any way to extract or get those messages?  The 
pst file  created by the exmerge utility and the mailbox 
size on the exchange are the same size

What it could be?
anonymous (74722)
7/21/2004 2:34:57 PM
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Check first to see if the data is available in the .pst.  
I do this by importing the data into an empty .pst using 
Outlook.  If the data is there try to find out why exmerge 

I had one mailbox that I imported using exmerge and it 
said it completed but only half the email was there.  I 
had gone over the users mailbox limit.


>-----Original Message-----
>  I used exmerge (last Version ) to copy my user's data 
>my new Exchange 2003 server (previous was Exc2k).  The 
>entire process runs satisfactory, exept for the junk mail 
>data, all maiboxes data were copied  but I think this 
>should be normal for obvious reasons.
>The problem is that in one users I can see everything but 
>the mailbox data.  All messages inside the inbox folder 
>dissapeared but the data on the subfoldeers remained 
>Is there any way to extract or get those messages?  The 
>pst file  created by the exmerge utility and the mailbox 
>size on the exchange are the same size
>What it could be?
anonymous (74722)
7/22/2004 2:23:39 PM

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