Creating mailboxes #2

After installing Exchange 2003, the users in Active 
Directory Users and Computers did not have email 
addresses.  Selecting users and choosing Exchange Tasks 
allows me to create the mailboxes, but only for certain 
users.  For some users it allows me to create the mailbox 
without an error message, but the mailbox is not actually 

Any suggestions? 


anonymous (74722)
6/17/2004 2:08:55 PM
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If you mean it does not show in System Manager, once the user has logon to
his mailbox or an e-mail is sent to it it wiil appear in system manager.

"Brent Zellner" <> wrote in message
> After installing Exchange 2003, the users in Active
> Directory Users and Computers did not have email
> addresses.  Selecting users and choosing Exchange Tasks
> allows me to create the mailboxes, but only for certain
> users.  For some users it allows me to create the mailbox
> without an error message, but the mailbox is not actually
> created.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Brent

bchouinard (45)
6/17/2004 9:12:07 PM

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