Creating an AD account don't make the mailbox in exch2K3

I don't understand what's happening.
When I create a new account in AD, it no longer creates the mailboxes in 
exchange 2003.
It was working a week ago...
It asks me if I also want to create a mailbox, I answer YES and ... no 

Please help me, I must create this mailbox quickly since a new employee 
arrived and my boss doesn't understand why the mail is not set yet.
Zaw (5)
9/5/2005 11:36:02 PM
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I believe that the mailbox is actually created only after the first message 
is sent to it or there is a first logon. So if you are looking for it and you 
do not see it, this may be the cause.


"Zaw" wrote:

> Hi,
> I don't understand what's happening.
> When I create a new account in AD, it no longer creates the mailboxes in 
> exchange 2003.
> It was working a week ago...
> It asks me if I also want to create a mailbox, I answer YES and ... no 
> mailbox.
> Please help me, I must create this mailbox quickly since a new employee 
> arrived and my boss doesn't understand why the mail is not set yet.
FrankHill (24)
9/6/2005 1:54:03 AM

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