Create an Address List Based on Group Membership of Users

Hello, I'm trying to do what is described in Knowledge 
Base Article - 321723; however, in step 5a I don't have 
the Group Membership option to click on.
Any other ideas as to how to go about creating address 
lists based on group membership of users?
anonymous (74722)
12/11/2003 4:23:50 PM
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Hmmh, I'm not sure why it doesn't show up in yours but you could also 
create a custom
ldap filter to do the same thing. In this example that I created for 
someone else,  we return a list of all users, groups, public, folders, 
that do not have a mailnickname beginning with dallas.  See article 255602 
for more on ldap syntax.

(&  (&

      (& (& (mailnickname=*)

         (| (& (objectCategory=person)

            (& (objectCategory=person)

            (& (objectCategory=person)





jasperk (15)
12/12/2003 12:08:05 AM

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