Change default domain in Forms Based Authentication

Hello all,

I've set up my Exchange 2003 server in production and 
have enabled Forms Based Authentication for Outlook Web 
Access.  I have one front end server and two back end 
servers.  Since any user in Exchange 2000 could just type 
in their alias to access their mailbox I *need* to 
maintain this functionality.  However, it seems that with 
FBA you cannot specify a default domain in Exchange 
System Manager.  The settings are all grayed out.  I can, 
however, set a default domain in IIS.  This works until 
Exchange decided to reset those settings.  How can I 
change the default domian in Exchange System Manager???

westa (2)
1/9/2004 11:30:38 AM
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With FBA, users must enter either 'domain\username' or their UPN logon.  As
you have seen, setting the default domain in IIS is not supported.

The only other choice, other than educating your users of the new and
relatively simple change (which is what I did here internally), is to modify
the logon.asp page to include the domain name.  The problem there is that
future service packs will likely overwrite it (as will reinstalls, of

Neil Hobson
Exchange MVP

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"Adam C. West" <> wrote in message
> Hello all,
> I've set up my Exchange 2003 server in production and
> have enabled Forms Based Authentication for Outlook Web
> Access.  I have one front end server and two back end
> servers.  Since any user in Exchange 2000 could just type
> in their alias to access their mailbox I *need* to
> maintain this functionality.  However, it seems that with
> FBA you cannot specify a default domain in Exchange
> System Manager.  The settings are all grayed out.  I can,
> however, set a default domain in IIS.  This works until
> Exchange decided to reset those settings.  How can I
> change the default domian in Exchange System Manager???
> Thanks.

neil.hobson (1158)
1/9/2004 11:40:51 AM

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