Cannot send emai to hotmail accounts from Exchange



Exchange 2003 running on Sever 2003 on private (192.168) IP
Semi-dynamic IP on cable modem (only changes once or twice a year).
Network connected to cable modem via Linksys router
Public IP not listed in RBL lists
Closed relay
Not running Watchguard (I've read this can sometimes cause problems).

If any of our users attempts to send a message to a email
address, the message just disappears.  The recipient does not receive the
message, and the sender does not get back a failure message.

I assume this is something to do with Hotmail checking our domain record to
make sure the IP is valid.  I've set the FQDN in the SMTP settings to the
domain which points to our (dynamic) IP.  We have control of a DNS server,
so can change the A record if our IP changes (which, while it's dynamic, it
only about once or twice a year, so it's virtually static!).

The thing is, that the server itself is not on a public IP, it's inside our
gateway, so has a local IP of  I'm wondering if messages are
failing because the server thinks it's IP is this 192 address, but when it
talks to Hotmail, hotmail thinks it's IP is out public IP?

If I telnet directly into Hotmail's SMTP, and manually attempt to send a
message (HELO, mail from etc.), then it *appears* to have been accepted, but
still no mail arrives at the hotmail address the message was sent to.

Any ideas how to set this up to allow communication with hotmail?


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