Cannot reinstall Exchange 5.5 on Small Business Server 4.5

Our Small Business Server 4.5 crashed yesterday and could only be
started by doing a repair of  Windows NT.  Unfortunately, this left the
Small Business Server programs partially installed.  Now, Exchange will
not start.  It has the message "A connection could not be made to the
Microsoft Exchange Server".  I tried to reinstall Exchange, but get the
message "This component is already installed and cannot be modified".
Microsoft Exchange does not appear under Add/Remove Programs, so I
cannot uninstall it either.  Any suggestions would be greatly


obxgirl61 (3)
12/8/2005 8:15:25 PM
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> Our Small Business Server 4.5 crashed yesterday and could only be
> started by doing a repair of  Windows NT.  Unfortunately, this left the
> Small Business Server programs partially installed.  Now, Exchange will
> not start.  It has the message "A connection could not be made to the
> Microsoft Exchange Server".  I tried to reinstall Exchange, but get the
> message "This component is already installed and cannot be modified".
> Microsoft Exchange does not appear under Add/Remove Programs, so I
> cannot uninstall it either.  Any suggestions would be greatly
> appreciated.

This can get very tricky. Do you have backups? I'd suggest getting 
someone to help you in person.


Arlo Clizer
aclizer2311 (412)
12/8/2005 8:40:38 PM
I have a backup of the exchsrv folder, but not an actual exchange

obxgirl61 (3)
12/8/2005 9:02:20 PM

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