Can't move mailboxes between servers: MAPI 1.0 ID no: 80040111-0286-00000000

How do I move mailboxes between servers? When I try from ESM right 
clicking on the mailbox and going through the wizard I get this error:

<summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0xc1050000">
   The information store could not be opened. The logon to the Microsoft 
Exchange Server computer failed. MAPI 1.0 ID no: 80040111-0286-00000000
- <details>

Anyone have any ideas?	
johnbrahy (9)
5/18/2005 6:18:38 PM
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Do you have Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000? 
Your Global Catalog was recently installed? Did you move the Exchange Server 
from Organization Unit in Active Directory? Please, send me information about 
versions and the last operations in your schema.
Gustavo Del Grosso
Laboratorios Andrómaco
Gerencia de Tecnología

"John Brahy" wrote:

> How do I move mailboxes between servers? When I try from ESM right 
> clicking on the mailbox and going through the wizard I get this error:
> <summary isWarning="false" errorCode="0xc1050000">
>    The information store could not be opened. The logon to the Microsoft 
> Exchange Server computer failed. MAPI 1.0 ID no: 80040111-0286-00000000
> - <details>
> Anyone have any ideas?	
5/18/2005 8:59:04 PM

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