Can't access propertys of public folders

We recently upgraded from NT4 server and exchange 5.5 to 
2003 server and exchange 2003.  When we were all finished 
I could access properties of public folders through 
exchange system manager.  About a week after the upgrade 
was all finished I went to implement OWA which was one of 
the reasons we were doing the upgrade.  I found very 
quickly that I could not access the IIS manager.  I did 
some digging and found that I needed to reinstall IIS on 
my exchange server but unfortunately to do that I also 
had to reinstall exchange.  
I followed the instructions from this KB article;en-
us;320202 to do the reinstalls.  After doing that I could 
access IIS but OWA still did not work.  I spent some time 
trying to get it to go but it never worked.  About a week 
later I noticed that I can't access the properties of any 
of my public folders through system manager, when I try I 
get this error "An internal server error has occurred on 
the server.  The requested operation failed.  
ID no: c1030af2" I was doing some digging around and 
someone said that sharepoint services being installed can 
cause the problem.  It was installed and then removed on 
our primary DC before the upgrade.  But we still have a 
sharepoint web site under the IIS manager on both of our 
server.  One more thing, exchange is installed on both of 
our servers but only one is actually being used.  I was 
actually going to remove it from the other one but then I 
realized it had been the first server and so had been 
done properly as per this article.;EN-
US;152959 and I needed access to public folders to do 
this.  Please help I am at the end of my troubleshooting 
rope here.  Sorry for the length.

wallyk (1)
2/4/2004 4:26:47 PM
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