c1010aae the object cannot be found in the directory. This...

I've a a problem with the Mailbox Resource Container, 
there are some mailboxes more than recipents container, 
when I try to open one of mentioned mailboxes I have an 
error (see the subject). What is necessary to do to 
delete than?
My server: Exchange server 5.5 sp4
one site
500 users
e.marra (1)
11/19/2003 12:37:45 PM
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See if this information helps:

After you delete a mailbox, the mailbox may still appear in Mailbox 
Resources, taking up space in the database. When you double-click the 
"orphaned" Mailbox Resources, mailbox properties do not display. Instead, 
you may see the following error message:
	The object cannot be found in the directory. This may be because
	replication has not completed.

This problem occurs infrequently, but has several causes, including 
replication anomalies, move mailbox failures, restoration of an information 
store backup, and deleting mailboxes through bulk import with versions of 
the Exchange Administrator program earlier than version 5.5 Service Pack 1. 
 For additional information, please see the following article in the 
Microsoft Knowledge Base:

	KBLink:184160.KB.EN-US: Messages Left After Deleting Mailbox w/ 
	Directory Import

To remove these resources, you must create a new mailbox with the same 
directory name on the same server, and then delete that mailbox. When you 
create the "twin" mailbox, it will link to the mailbox resources; when you 
delete the mailbox, it will remove the resources.

You may create the twin mailbox automatically or manually. To create the 
mailbox automatically, use the DS/IS Consistency Adjuster. This should be 
done only with the Exchange Server 5.5 Administrator program. Earlier 
versions of the Adjuster risk inadvertently rehoming public folders as a 
side effect. The Exchange Server 5.5 Adjuster may be used on an Exchange 
Server 5.0 or 4.0 computer.

The DS/IS Consistency Adjuster performs four different operations. In the 
pre-5.5 Exchange Administrator program, the Adjuster can not be configured 
to run only a subset of its operations. In the 5.5 version, you can choose 
which functions to run.

The Consistency Adjuster tool is found in Exchange Administrator program on 
the Advanced properties of the <Server> object. Expand on <Site>, 
Configuration, Servers, and double-click on the server on which you want to 
run the Consistency Adjuster to open the Properties page.

To automatically create mailboxes for all orphaned mailbox resources on a 
server, follow these steps:

1. Access the DS/IS Consistency Adjuster tool in Exchange Server 5.5 
   Administrator program.

2. Click to select only the first operation, "Synchronize with the 
   directory, and create new directory entries for mailboxes that do not 
   have a corresponding directory entry". Make sure the other three 
   operation check boxes are not selected (click to clear them if they 

3. For the Filter, choose All Inconsistencies.

When you click OK, you will be warned about the danger of public folder 
rehoming. If you did not select the third operation, folders will not be 
rehomed, and you may ignore the warning.

Note that this method will not work to rectify a move mailbox failure which 
leaves mailbox resources on one server, while the mailbox is homed on 
another. This is because the Consistency Adjuster checks site-wide, and 
operates only on resources for which there is no directory entry in the 
entire site. 

To manually create mailboxes for specific orphaned mailbox resources on a 
server, follow these steps:

1. Verify the Directory Name associated with the mailbox resources. The 
Directory Name is often, but not always, the same as the alias name.

In most circumstances, you view the Directory Name of a mailbox from the 
mailbox object's Advanced properties page. In this case, the mailbox no 
longer exists in the Directory, but its resources are "orphaned" inside the 
information store database. You may still view information about the 
mailbox through the Mailbox Resources page found under the servers Private 
Information Store object.

The Directory Name for a mailbox is not displayed by default in Mailbox 
Resources. You may add the Directory Name to the display through the View 
menu's Column dialog box.

The full Directory Name displayed will be similar to:

The final CN= value is the Directory Name that must be entered for the 
mailbox. Note that you must also create the mailbox in the same Recipients 
container in which it previously existed.

2. Create the mailbox as you would any normal mailbox. Check Advanced 
   properties before saving the mailbox for the first time to ensure that 
   the Directory Name is correct. The Directory Name is the only mailbox 
   attribute that must be matched exactly during this procedure.

3. Delete the mailbox, and the associated mailbox resources will also 
   be deleted.

Richard Roddy
Microsoft Exchange Support

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

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>I've a a problem with the Mailbox Resource Container, 
>there are some mailboxes more than recipents container, 
>when I try to open one of mentioned mailboxes I have an 
>error (see the subject). What is necessary to do to 
>delete than?
>My server: Exchange server 5.5 sp4
>one site
>500 users

rroddy (682)
11/25/2003 11:43:38 AM

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