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How to backup an exchange 2003 in a Windows 2003 Server?


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12/13/2003 1:24:44 AM
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NTBackup on the Exchange Server, select Microsoft 
Information Store.

Patrick Rouse
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

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>How to backup an exchange 2003 in a Windows 2003 Server?
anonymous (74722)
12/13/2003 3:32:59 AM
On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 19:32:59 -0800, Patrick Rouse [MVP] wrote:

> NTBackup on the Exchange Server, select Microsoft 
> Information Store.

But remember to backup the Exchange database(s) and system state in two
different jobs, otherwise the backup will fail.

Also see:

Backup Operation Fails When You Back Up Exchange Server 2003 Databases and
System State Information at the Same Time:;en-us;820272

Backup of the Exchange Server 2003 Information Store and the Windows Server
2003 System State Data Does Not Complete Successfully and Event ID 8019 Is

Henrik Walther
spam4804 (21)
12/13/2003 11:47:28 AM

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