Backing up messages in smtp queue

We're looking for different alternatives for disaster recovery and one 
option is to backup the smtp queue directory.
What we'd like to do is to backup all smtp messages that come through before 
it hits the mailbox. This way we can redeliver messages in case of a 
Just wondering if anyone knows of a third-party tool that can do this?

Joe (497)
6/12/2006 3:39:59 PM
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So instead of backing it up, I imagine you really want to intercept the
messages and write them to a seperate queue that never gets delivered
until a disaster?  I imagine that queue can get pretty large.  There
are plenty of third party options that will intercept messages for
archive purposes, but not exactly for the purpose you propose.

You may want to consider a third party alternative for Exchange
disaster recovery that has already worked out all of the kinks for you.
 Check out for a
solution that works either across a LAN or a WAN.

David Bermingham
MCSE, MCSA:Messaging

anonymous wrote:
> We're looking for different alternatives for disaster recovery and one
> option is to backup the smtp queue directory.
> What we'd like to do is to backup all smtp messages that come through before
> it hits the mailbox. This way we can redeliver messages in case of a
> failure.
> Just wondering if anyone knows of a third-party tool that can do this?

6/12/2006 4:33:14 PM

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