Autoenrollment errors after adding SSL certificate

Hello, I'm running an all Windows 2003 domain with an exchange server which
is setup so that Outlook web access is using SSL which required that I
installed a certificate.  Ever since I've set up exchange to use this
certificate I receive the following errors in the Application log for both
my Domain Controllers (both also Windows Server 2003) which occurs every 8

Both Domain Controllers show the following errors in the Application Log
Source: AutoEnrollment
Type: Error
User: N/A
Computer: DomainController1 or 2
Event ID: 13
Automatic certificate enrollment for local system failed to enroll for one
Domain Controller certificate (0x800706ba).  The RPC server is unavailable.

Both Domain Controllers show the following errors in the System Log
Source: DCOM
Type: Error
Computer: DomainController1 or 2
Event ID: 10006
DCOM go error "The RPC server is unavailable. "from the computer EXCHANGE
SERVER when attempting to activate the server:

On the Exchange server when I open the Certification Authority console and
expand the server container the only Issued Certificate is to my Exchange

I'm entirely new to the concept of Certificates, I've tried to read the
information on microsofts website reguarding auto enrollment, and I'm not
sure exactly what I'm supposed to do about these errors.  If anyone has any
information about them please email me or post a reply.  I'm at your mercy.

 Wayne Fischer

email: wafischer[at]ucdavis[dot]edu

wafischer (1)
7/30/2005 5:55:50 PM
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