Add money to your Paypal account with OPRAH 6"ji

   Read this message until the end, and you will find out how the money flows in easy !!!!.
Follow the steps and it WILL work. Trust me !!!!!.

It's NOT illegal and it is NOT a scam !!!!!.

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The only thing you need is : - E-MAIL ACCOUNT
- $6 on this account (The only investment)
- 30 minutes of your time

There is no limit on how much money you can recieve, and you haven't got anything to lose with this Business program. I will explain how it works !!!!!.

Follow these 4 easy steps and it WILL work !!!!!.


Paypal is a free and safe way to pay and receive money on the Internet.
Creating a account is as easy as creating a MSN account.
Copy and paste the next line in your Internet browser and sign up.

Be sure to sign up for a FREE Premier or Business account and not for a Personal account.
You cannot receive CREDITCARD payments with a Personal account and we can't have that. Do we !!!!!.


This is your only investment to receive the money with ease.

With your Paypal account, send $1 to each e-mailadres listed below.
!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!! Be sure to use this SUBJECT : *PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST*   when you send the money.



After you have send $1 to each e-mail address, put your e-mail address on the 6th place.
Remove e-mail address number 1, and move each e-mail address 1 step up the ladder.

Remember that this is LEGAL. You are creating a service : an e-mail servicelist.


There are 32,000 newsgroups. Upload or copy this message to at least 200 newsgroups or forums etc, but ........ remember that the more your upload the more people will see your message and the MORE MONEY WILL FLOW IN.

How to upload to newsgroups and forums? :

After you have followed step 1,2,3 and 4, save this message (and copy so you can use it again).
Use your Internet browser and Outlook Express or another newsreader and try to find FORUMS, NEWSGROUPS,
Use every option to post this message. Download PostXpert to send 1 message to more NEWSGROUPS at the
same time.

!!!!! REMEMBER !!!!! The more you post this message the more MONEY WILL FLOW IN.

Why does this Business program work so well !!!!!.

Lets asume that from the 200 (or more) messages that you have posted, only 5 people respond, you will have your
$6 back that you have invested. Those 5 people will each send at least 200 messages with your e-mailadres on
number 4. That's 6 x 6 x $1 = $36. The next 25 people will also send 200 messages with your adres on number 3. That's 36 x 6 x $1 = $216. The next 216 people also send 200 messages with your name on number 2. That's 216 x 6
x $1 = $1296!. Those 1296 people again also send 200 messages with your name on number 1. That will give us a total of 1296 x 6 x $1 = $7,776.

Now the last tier!  7776 x 6 x $1 = $46,656!!!!!!

This is only a EXAMPLE with 6 reactions. You WILL get MORE responses than that.

Remember that most newsservers will leave the posted messages on there servers for about 2 weeks. If you will post your message again, it WILL again start from the beginning. So you can repeat this over and over again.

Everyday MILLIONS of people are ONLINE and reading these messages, JUST LIKE YOU RIGHT NOW.
I also was sceptical in the beginning and have read a lot of these messages. I also thought that it was bullshit.
Until I thought : What the hell!, only $6. What's $6 and a couple of minutes of my time to solve my money problems.

!!!!! REMEMBER !!!!! Follow every step, and IT WILL WORK, TRUST ME. !!!!!


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