2003 SP1 ADC running with Exchange 2000

Can you run ADC version 2003 SP1 even though all your Exchange servers are 
still 2000?
BrianG (15)
4/18/2005 12:23:01 PM
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This means that you have already ran domain/forest prep right?  If so you can 
only run the 2003 version of the ADC.  This is not recommended and could 
cause replication errors with Exchange/AD.

"BrianG" wrote:

> Can you run ADC version 2003 SP1 even though all your Exchange servers are 
> still 2000?
King (16)
4/18/2005 8:32:02 PM
Correct, domain and forest prep has already been ran.  Why can I run 2003 but 
not 2003 with SP1?  We want to use the cross adminstrative group mailbox move 
function that came with Exchange 2003 SP1 but it only works if all ADC's in 
the Org are 2003 SP1.  We have a couple of Administrative groups that only 
have 5.5 and 2000 servers so I was hoping we could upgrade the ADC to 2003 
SP1 before upgrading Exchange?

"Mark King" wrote:

> This means that you have already ran domain/forest prep right?  If so you can 
> only run the 2003 version of the ADC.  This is not recommended and could 
> cause replication errors with Exchange/AD.
> Mark
> "BrianG" wrote:
> > Can you run ADC version 2003 SP1 even though all your Exchange servers are 
> > still 2000?
BrianG (15)
4/19/2005 11:16:01 AM

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