worksheet linkage

The details is please see teh attached file, you can see on the file

Worksheet B of B62, I typed 15254", it col name "yarn count" 
and the product code you can see is Q921 at cell A62.

Worksheet A, you can see F2 is Q921, col name is "product code".

Now I just plugin a vlaue B62 ='15254' and I want it shows on workshee
A - G2
but remember it must match the product code of worksheetB - cellA6
'Q921' and worksheet A cell F2 'Q92'
because next time user will plugin a number ie.1111 on B164; wher
product code of worksheet  B - cell A164
must be match to worksheet A - cell F3, but it should show the valu
1111 on cell G3.

thanks to hints



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