vlookup excel and access...

assuming i have this code, is possible to use this vlookup withnthe
adta into mdb access?...

old scenario:
Private Sub TextBox25_Change()
Dim CODICE As Integer
Select Case Me.TextBox25
Case ""
Me.TextBox4 = ""
Case 1 To 8
CODICE = Val(Me.TextBox25)
Me.TextBox4 = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup _
(CODICE, Worksheets("TABELLA").Range("Q2:R9"), 2, False)
Case Else
End Select
End Sub

new scenario:
Inested column Q and R in excel i have created a mdb into:

\\my server\myserverdir\USER.MDB

and into this mdb have inserte a table USER_NAME with:

Field1(with the same data of column R)
Field2(with the same data of column Q)

is possible now to make a vlookup?

Filed1 Field2


gss.italy (5)
3/27/2006 6:00:23 PM
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