VBA To Deliver Object List?

Can I write a single VBA loop to enumerate all objects within an Excel .XLS?

Or do I have to know the object types/container names and enumerate the contents
of each?
5/20/2006 12:52:10 PM
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Gary's Student

"(PeteCresswell)" wrote:

> Can I write a single VBA loop to enumerate all objects within an Excel .XLS?
> Or do I have to know the object types/container names and enumerate the contents
> of each?
> -- 
> PeteCresswell
GarysStudent (1572)
5/20/2006 1:51:01 PM
Per Gary''s Student:

Seems like the object browser seems lists all available objects whether in use
or not - as opposed to the objects that actually are in use in the .XLS.

Have I got it right?

I'm trying to figure out how the author of a certain .XLS is managing to store a
half-million rows of data.   The obvious way would be to have multiple invisible
sheets - but I cannot figure out how to browse for them.
5/22/2006 1:02:58 AM
If the worksheets are hidden you can try to look at the VBE's project
explorer to see a list of all of the worksheets used hidden or not.

If they are there, you can use the command
worksheets(-worksheetname-).visible = true (repeat for each hidden

in a macro you could use

  sub Unhide()
  for intcounter = 1 to worksheets.count
  worksheets(intcounter).visible = true
  next intcounter
  end sub

to unhide all of the sheets

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5/22/2006 2:38:56 AM

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