VBA and Excel help

I'm not a newbie at this but it has been so long I feel lost like one

I need to construct a routine for the following:

I have created a travel voucher form that has a 1300+ list of data of
virtually every city in the country, many with multiple entries such

WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, 1 Apr through 31 Aug
WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA, 1 Sep through 31 Mar

Using data validation (list) as an input method, for each day traveled
(from 1 day to 4 weeks, where each day can be a different location),
the user inputs the travel location by clicking on the data validation
list box drop arrow in the cell that matches the travel day and selects
the travel location from the list (it uses a VLOOKUP table to output
the $$ he gets for that location and time of year).

However, the data validation method, while easy to implement, is
limited in that
(1) you can't see the entire line because the input box is
width-limited to that of the selected cell which is "wrapped"; the list
box cannot do that and
(2) the user can't go straight to the city by typing but rather is
limited to scrolling only.

I would prefer to build a entry method that:
(1) shows the whole width of the entry;
(2) be able to begin typing the entry (i.e. "w"..."wi"..."wil" etc) and
be taken straight to the area of the list (and with the more I type the
closer I get) to quicken my input
(3) places the result in the same cell from which I ran the routine,
(4) is initiated as easily as a validation box (a command button just
above each possible input cell?)

I would think this can all be done easliy enough with a combo box but
since it has been years since I have tried to build a form-based

Any help would be appreciated!


rdillon (14)
1/11/2005 9:02:14 PM
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