VB userform

Good Day all

i wonder if someone can help me, i;ve written a user form, but my director
requested that it must have 2 password a master asd a  user password.

Thanx your help will be apprecaited


johan6188 (1)
10/27/2003 6:40:38 AM
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Hi Johan

Itself it's pretty simple; use two userform textbox'es and set theis
"password character" property to * to mask the entries. Then compare the
finished entries with the valid passwords. If OK then proceed, for example
by setting an invivible frame to visible, containing the needed data and

Worse is; where are the valid passwords stored/read and which rules apply ?
Does each user have her own unique password ? Can she change it herself ?
Does it expire ?

HTH. Best wishes Harald
Followup to newsgroup only please

"Johan" <johan@agritel.co.za> skrev i melding
> Good Day all
> i wonder if someone can help me, i;ve written a user form, but my director
> requested that it must have 2 password a master asd a  user password.
> Thanx your help will be apprecaited
> Johan

innocent (844)
10/27/2003 10:19:08 AM

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